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The Top CX Use Cases for AI in Zendesk 2024

AI in customer service

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly transforming almost every aspect of modern work.

While no one can afford to ignore it, it’s hard to make sense of the rapidly changing landscape. Figuring out the best applications for AI is especially critical for customer experience leaders, where AI has the potential to enhance and expand your team’s capabilities.

CX teams are no strangers to early AI innovations — especially in the form of chatbots — but the market has matured so fast in the last year that entirely new use cases for AI exist. A recent survey found that two-thirds of customers think businesses underutilize AI to deliver excellent service!

There’s no excuse for not implementing AI workflows that can drastically improve your customer service experience.

To help kickstart that experience, here are the top CX use cases where AI can help!

Instantly translating your Zendesk tickets and help center with AI

The world is growing smaller every day. Many support leaders are faced with the challenge of wanting to provide multilingual support on a limited budget. Existing options — hiring a BPO or recruiting native speakers across many languages — are costly.

But ChatGPT has changed the game for multilingual support.

By leveraging AI-powered tools, support teams today can instantly translate their entire help center into any language they need. On top of that, they also use GPT4 for real-time translation of customer interactions. These tools bring incredible savings in both time and money, enabling support teams to focus on their core task of helping customers effectively.

Tools to consider:

Automating Parts of the Agent Workflow

While working on tickets, agents are often required to perform mundane tasks, such as ticket classification, filling out ticket fields, extracting information from tickets, and ticket routing.

These tasks, while necessary, can significantly detract from the time and energy agents have to resolve the core issues presented by customers. This is where the integration of ChatGPT with helpdesk webhooks presents a transformative opportunity for automating parts of the agent workflow, allowing agents to focus more on solving customer problems.

When connected to helpdesk webhooks, ChatGPT can take over several of these routine tasks. For instance, it can classify tickets based on the content and context provided by the customer, fill out ticket fields automatically by extracting relevant information from the tickets, and route tickets to the most appropriate department or agent based on their complexity or subject matter.

This level of automation not only speeds up the ticket handling process but also ensures that tickets are handled by agents best suited to resolve them, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

Tools to Consider

Chatbots to answer and triage tickets

Most support professionals know chatbots.

The chatbots of yesteryear were often only capable of simple choices and poor language detection. These dinosaurs of the past have only a passing resemblance to modern chatbots. The recent leaps forward in AI technology mean that chatbots today can answer, route, and tag customer issues rapidly to support your human teams.

Chatbots aren’t going to replace customer support teams anytime soon, but when you implement them thoughtfully and empower them through high-quality documentation, they can be an enormous accelerator for your team.

AI chatbots provide customer service around the clock, ensuring customer questions are addressed promptly, even outside of traditional working hours. This service can greatly simplify staffing and scheduling needs.

Chatbots are able to handle a nearly infinite number of simultaneous inquiries, reducing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction. They can also triage more complex tickets by asking meaningful follow-up questions, collecting data, and tagging conversations so human agents can focus directly on the resolution.

Over time, chatbots can significantly reduce operational costs; they handle many routine inquiries, freeing up humans to focus on the work that they do best, including more complex and high-touch support interactions.

Tools to Consider

Empowering your agents with contextual resources

AI doesn’t just innovate customer facing experiences, it can give your internal team superpowers. Agent support tools combine the exceptional human skills your team has developed with the lightning fast power of AI to improve response times, reduce your queue, and ultimately build customer loyalty.

There are a number of ways popular AI tools reduce friction for your customer support team so that they can focus on delivering the magical experience to your clients.

  • Automatic content suggestions based on customer inquiries save precious human time

  • Prompts for improving your team’s language skills dial in their brand voice and improve clarity

  • Helpful solutions and debugging steps solve related issues in your support desk

  • Suggested macros quickly action tickets

Use AI to complement your team’s skill, turning your support desk into an automated command center — a combination of the best of human empathy and artificial intelligence!

Tools to Consider

Automated customer feedback analysis

Creating great experiences for your customers requires hearing, understanding and acting on their feedback. According to Zendesk, 59% of consumers say they expect companies to do more with the data they have! Using AI to enrich your understanding of their feedback is one way to meet their expectations.

AI tools can now accelerate your understanding of your customer’s feedback by automatically analyzing it and alerting you of trends or unusual data so your team can act quickly. AI can take in massive amounts of free form text from your customers and identify sentiment (happy! angry! sad!) and even trends or themes like difficulty with certain aspects of your product.

Tools to Consider

Customer sentiment analysis

Every interaction reveals something about your customers. Words they’ve chosen or even emoji they’ve used can give your team insight into how a customer is feeling.

AI tools can identify sentiment in your customer communications automatically, faster than an agent can read a ticket, and act on it. Teams can prioritize tickets with “upset” sentiments for faster response times, or route tickets with an “angry” sentiment to specialized teams.

AI-driven sentiment analysis equips your team with one more opportunity to understand and serve your customers better.

Tools to Consider

Automatic translation

Our increasingly interconnected world means that your company likely has customers all over the globe. Many of these customers might be most comfortable communicating in their native language.

Having a team that knows every language isn’t practical, however, AI can empower your team to read and reply to customers in languages they don’t know.

Help Center Translate uses GPT-4 to seamlessly and automatically translate your entire Zendesk help center into any language. In no time at all, you’re able to take your existing knowledge base and make it available to any customer across the world in their preferred language.

Translate Conversations for Zendesk uses ChatGPT to instantly translate Zendesk tickets between any languages your support team needs.

These features simply weren’t possible a year or two ago — but AI has unlocked major new options.

For teams with a global reach looking to scale quickly, AI-empowered translations are a pivotal force multiplier for your business. AI enables you to reduce miscommunications, reply faster, and improve customer satisfaction without the cost of language-specific agents.

Tools to Consider

Fraud detection

Identifying fraudulent actors on your service can feel like a game of cat and mouse. Whether that’s fraudulent payments or fraudulent account creation, your team has to spend time rooting out these malicious actors and cleaning up the resulting mess.

Bad actors have time and financial incentive in their favor to find ways to exploit weaknesses in service providers and their human teams. New exploits can often spread faster than your team can learn about them.

AI’s ability to comb through enormous amounts of data and identify unique trends and fingerprints that would otherwise be invisible to human operators makes it the perfect tool to combat fraud at lightning speed.

These tools can proactively prevent malicious card fraud by watching for the unique identifiers of the bot networks they operate from while seamlessly allowing normal customer purchases through.

AI’s proactive approach means your team can spend less time resolving disputed charges and deleting bot accounts, and more time focused on serving your customers.

Tools to Consider

Content moderation for communities and forums

Identifying harmful, off-brand or fraud-related content in your public communities is a continuous battle for customer experience teams all over. AI has the potential to become one of the most powerful tools in the battle against spammers and other wrongdoers.

content moderation

AI is uniquely equipped to identify bots and other AI-generated content that can risk drowning out the real requests and conversations in your community. Removing this enormous burden from your community operations immediately creates a more welcoming space for your customers.

AI can also identify inappropriate or harmful content to remove in order to maintain a healthy public-facing forum, and does so without exposing your staff to that content — an even more powerful feature.

Tools to Consider

Looking to get started with AI?

Companies who are committed to providing excellent customer service and driving customer loyalty can’t afford to miss out on the power of artificial intelligence. While the AI landscape is evolving rapidly, the companies who can creatively apply the power of AI in this era of changes are poised to reap significant rewards.

Swifteq creates super easy Zendesk apps that bring the power of ChatGPT into your team’s Zendesk account. It’s the easiest way to empower your agents, provide multilingual support, and build a highly scalable team.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial here (no credit card required) and see the impact of AI on your support operations today.


​​​Written by Thomas Hils

Thomas is a 10+ year veteran of the customer support space, helping high-growth startups scale magical experiences. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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