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Automatically merge duplicate tickets in Zendesk

Merging tickets from the same customer just got a whole lot easier! Put your ticket merging workflows on auto-pilot and allow agents to save up to 10% of their time. Use your own rules, and improve customer satisfaction by reducing resolution time.

FREE  14-day trial, no credit card required.

Pricing starts at €50/month.

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Merge Zendesk Tickets using your own Duplicate Criteria

You are in control of how and when a customer ticket is considered a duplicate by using additional ticket fields to be matched, such as:

📧 Subject

🎫 Ticket description 

💳 Custom field value (i.e. Order ID)

Match tickets based on text extracted from subject or description (i.e. same unique identifiers such as Order ID)

Need to merge tickets that are not from the same requester? No problem, we can quickly set this up for you at no extra charge.

configure zendesk ticket merging criteria for duplicates
add filters for zendesk ticket merging

Filter which Zendesk tickets to merge

Prevent certain tickets from merging based on your own exclusion requirements, such as:


🤖 Tickets from internal users or bots 

💻 Email addresses or entire domains 

🌐 Any exclusion possible in Zendesk triggers

And much more...

Merge your entire backlog

Use our fast service to clean up your backlog from duplicate tickets. For a once-off fee starting at €199, you can reduce your current backlog size by up to a huge 20%!

Custom setup

Do you need to merge tickets from different email addresses but with the same Order ID? No problem! We set up any custom auto-merging workflows built uniquely for your organization’s needs in just a few short days.

Merging comments

Customize merging comments based on your own specifications. You can even make comments public so that requesters can be notified when tickets are merged.

What is wrong with manually merging Zendesk tickets?


Repetitive and time-consuming

The manual merging of tickets takes up a lot of time, especially when there are many duplicates. This uses up time agents could spend helping other customers instead.


Prone to errors

Manual ticket merging can lead to agent errors like combining incorrect tickets or missing duplicate ones. Such mistakes may extend problem-solving time and annoy customers.


Customer Frustration

Manual ticket merging by agents can cause delays in customer responses and increase chances of mistakes, leading to more customer confusion and annoyance. Automating ticket merging in Zendesk helps avoid these issues.

How to merge Zendesk Tickets automatically?



Install the app from the Zendesk marketplace and register for a Swifteq account.

Authorize the app to securely access your Zendesk account via the Application Programming Interface (API).

You can rest assured that no employee or customer data will be stored on Swifteq servers. For more information check out how we handle data in our Zendesk Apps



Customize and configure the merging criteria and filters based on your requirements.

Enable auto-merging. This will automatically create a trigger in Zendesk and your tickets are ready to merge.

It’s as easy as that!

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Matt Anderson

Quality & Compliance Supervisor


"A big help - when we hit peak season and see our queues creep up more than we'd like this app is brilliant for merging together multiple contacts from the same customer."

Vera mobility

Julian Diaz Del Campo

Customer Care Specialist


"The application works great, merges tickets without any problem, and allows a lot of flexibility with the criteria. It certainly saves a lot of management time."

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Luke Benjamin



This app is a lifesaver! I only wish we discovered it sooner. Saves our team a huge amount of time merging multiple tickets and they can now solve inquiries immediately.

Why Duplicate Tickets Can Cause Problems

1. Multiple agents working on the same issue


When customers submit duplicate tickets, several agents might work on the same problem simultaneously, decreasing the support team's efficiency and potentially causing delays in addressing other customer inquiries.


2. Customer confusion due to multiple responses

Duplicate tickets can lead to customers receiving multiple responses from different agents, causing confusion and negatively impacting the customer experience. This can also make it harder for customers to understand the resolution to their issue.

3. Inconsistent responses and solutions

With multiple agents handling the same issue, customers might receive varying responses or proposed solutions, affecting customer satisfaction and potentially harming the company's reputation.

4. Higher likelihood of errors


When several agents work on separate tickets for the same issue, the chances of making mistakes or providing incorrect information increase, further frustrating customers and prolonging the resolution process.


5. Challenges in tracking support metrics

Duplicate tickets can interfere with the accurate measurement of agent performance, response times, and resolution rates, leading to a distorted view of the support team's effectiveness and hindering efforts to improve service quality.

Try the ticket-merging app that keeps your queue tidy and your agents happy 😊

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