Automatically merge duplicate tickets in Zendesk

Put your ticket merging workflows on auto-pilot and save agent time while improving Customer Experience. Merge tickets from the same requester, or use your own custom rules.

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Pricing starts at €50/month.

Merge two Zendesk tickets based on the same requester

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Configure the duplicate criteria to match your own setup

Use ticket fields to decide when two tickets from the same requester are duplicates:

👉 Same subject

👉 Same ticket description 

👉 Same value for a custom ticket field (i.e. Order ID)

👉 Match tickets based on text extracted from subject or description (i.e. same unique identifiers such as Order ID)

Customize the merging window to only merge tickets created in a time interval.

configure zendesk ticket merging criteria for duplicates
add filters for zendesk ticket merging

Define filters to exclude certain tickets from merging

Native support to prevent merging tickets from internal or bot users.

Exclude certain email adresses or entire email domains from merging.

Configure the associated Zendesk trigger to add more exclusion rules.

And much more...

Merge your entire backlog

Use our once-off service to clean-up your backlog from duplicate tickets.

For a fee of only €100 (once-off) you can reduce your current backlog size by up to 20%.

Custom setup

Need a custom setup for auto-merging that is not based on the same requester? Example: merge tickets that are received from different email addresses but mention the same Order ID in their description.

We can implement your custom auto-merging workflow in days, not weeks.

Merging comments

Customize the merging comments to your own needs.


Optionally, make the comments public so that requesters can be notified when tickets are merged.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register for a Swifteq account

Step 2: Authorize the app to securily access your Zendesk account via the API. For more information see How we handle Data in our Zendesk Apps.

NO employee or customer data will be stored on Swifteq servers

Step 3: Configure the merging criteria and filters.

Step 4: Enable auto-merging. This will automatically create a trigger & webhook pair in your Zendesk instance. 

The trigger will forward any new ticket to the app to be checked for duplicates and merged if necessary.

Matt Anderson
Quality & Compliance Supervisor


A big help - when we hit peak season and see our queues creep up more than we'd like this app is brilliant for merging together multiple contacts from the same customer.

Julian Diaz Del Campo
Customer Care Specialist


The application works great, merges tickets without any problem, and allows a lot of flexibility with the criteria. It certainly saves a lot of management time.

Integrates seamlessly with 
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The ticket-merging app that keeps your queue tidy and your agents happy 😊