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Triggers+ low-code automation platform for Zendesk

Are you reaching the limits of what is possible with Zendesk Triggers?

Extend your triggers with low-code add-ons to suit your specific use cases: parse ticket comments, sync data, process attachments, auto-merge tickets and much more.

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Automate what you couldn't automate before

Zendesk triggers are limited in the action they could perform when a ticket is created or changed.

For any complex logic you need to build a custom app and set up the trigger to send the ticket to the app for processing.

With Triggers+ we can implement the processing logic as an add-on at the fraction of the cost of a newly built app.

Check our no-code apps built on the Triggers+ automation platform

Auto Merge Zendesk Tickets 

Put your ticket merging workflows on auto-pilot and save agent time while improving Customer Experience. Merge tickets from the same requester, or use your own custom rules.

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Attachment Workflows

Automatically detect and tag new tickets with attachments. Create attachment-related workflows to improve your team's productivity.

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Auto Remove Attachments

Automatically remove attachments from ticket comments to reduce your risk and comply with data privacy laws.

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How it works?





Schedule a call with us where we will learn about your use case

We assess your use case and provide you with a free quote​. The quote will include a once-off customization fee and a monthly subscription.

Once you approve and payment is made, we start the implementation. In most cases it takes just a few days.

Provision the new addon on the Triggers+ platform and connect it to your Zendesk account.

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Matt Anderson

Quality & Compliance Supervisor


"A big help - when we hit peak season and see our queues creep up more than we'd like this app is brilliant for merging together multiple contacts from the same customer."

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Julian Diaz Del Campo

Customer Care Specialist


"The application works great, merges tickets without any problem, and allows a lot of flexibility with the criteria. It certainly saves a lot of management time."

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The automation app that reduces your workload and keep your agents happy 😊

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