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Translate your Zendesk Help Center with AI

✅  Translate articles to and from any modern language

✅  Keep formatting between translations

✅  Bulk translate multiple articles

✅  Partial translation of article changes only

✅  Bring your own glossary

FREE  14-day trial, no credit card required.

Then €89/month (monthly contract, cancel anytime).

Contact us for yearly contracts (discount applies)

screenshot of the help center translate app for Zendesk
UI Swifteq

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Translate Zendesk Help Center Articles into Any Language

From Arabic to Vietnamese, we support every modern language.

Seamlessly sync translations to and from Zendesk Guide — no manual copying and pasting required.

Translations maintain the original HTML formatting of the article, including links, images, headings, and more.

Powered by the OpenAI ChatGPT API.

screenshot of the help center translate app for Zendesk
screenshot of the bulk translation feature - help center translate app for Zendesk

Accelerate your Localization Process with Bulk Translation 

Bulk Translate Multiple Articles into One or More Languages.


Three easy steps: 

  1. Select the articles you want to translate.

  2. Choose your desired languages.

  3. Click 'Run' to start the translation process.

Each translation can be saved as a draft, allowing you to review and refine it before publication.

Efficiently Translate Article Updates with Partial Translation

Avoid the hassle of re-translating entire articles for just minor updates. With partial translation, you can translate only the newly changed sections.

Benefit from a side-by-side view of the original and translated text for easy comparison.

screenshot of the partial translation feature - help center translate app for Zendesk
how to add a glossary in help center translate app for zendesk

Personalize Your Translations with Custom Style and Terminology

Upload your own glossary to incorporate specialized translation terms consistently.

Customize the ChatGPT prompt to tailor translations that resonate with your brand’s unique style and language.

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Shana Blackstone

Knowledge Manager


"With the Help Center Manager you can replace links in multiple articles with just one click! Not to mention you can find and replace across multiple articles. Love this."

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Karissa Van Baulen

Customer Education Lead


"Swifteq is great to work with! We were able to update UI terms within our help center way quicker than we have done previously with the Find & Replace."

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Paul Tingle

Global Support Manager


"Fantastic, and fantastically, useful tool, simple to use and with some great features."

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The help center app built for knowledge content creators.

FREE  14-day trial, then €89/month

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