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Export your Zendesk Macros to CSV 

Simple CSV export of all your Zendesk macros to help you audit and organize them.


Export includes the macro metadata, as well as actions and dynamic content if any.


Approved by Zendesk on Apps Marketplace

Audit and organize your macros with easy         export


Export all your macros and any meta-data: title, description, created and updated time, actions.

Export all the dynamic content for each language.

Only one click to export:

✅  Macros meta-data

✅  Macros action

✅  Dynamic content

How it works?




Register for a Swifteq account

Authorize the app to read your Zendesk Macros data.

The app connects securely to your Zendesk account via Zendesk's API.

ONLY the Zendesk macros and their content are accessed and saved temporarily.

ALL your data is removed automatically after the export is generated

Receive your FREE CSV export in your Inbox: 

  • All the macros in your Zendesk account

  • The actions for each macro

  • The list of dynamic content

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The export app that helps your audit and organize your macros.

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