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Build and grow your Zendesk Help Center with Analytics

All the metrics you need to understand how your Knowledge Base is performing and how to improve it.

A better alternative to Google Analytics designed and built for self-service content.

FREE  14-day trial, no credit card required.

Pricing starts at €49/month.


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Think Google Analytics, but for Zendesk Help Centers

Measure Total and Unique Views by article, section or category

Measure article metrics with languages grouped or separated by language.

Distinguish between Staff vs Customer, or Mobile vs Desktop traffic.

Help Center Analytics for Zendesk Guide
Helpfulness score in Help Center Analytics for Zendesk

Is your content helpful?

Track Helpfulness as % of people who found your articles helpful

Uses Zendesk's article votes date to calculate Helpfulness for any period of time.

View votes trend by day, week or month.

View it top level, or slice it by article, section or category.

Measure Self-Service Performance

How effective is your Help Center at deflecting tickets?


​Conversion to Tickets: % of article views that result in a ticket being created.

Track New Tickets opened along with Help Center metrics.

Measure Self-Service Score as the number of visitors for each new ticket opened.

Tickets created after an article visit in Zendesk Guide
Customer journey in Help Center Analytics for Zendesk
Customer journey in Help Center Analytics for Zendesk: what visitors do after

Track people's journey to understand what articles to improve and how

What customers do after reading an article?

How many and what tickets they create?

What are the searching for next?

What other articles do they visit?

How customers get to an article?

Collect direct feedback on articles

Add a simple feedback form on each article to allow your visitors to enter the reason why they found the article unhelpful.

Feedback is collected and displayed in the Analytics dashboard for each article.

Easy to install and customizable to fit your own theme.

Feedback Form for a Zendesk help center article
Analyze feedback on articles in Help Center Analytics for Zendesk
Filters in Help Center Analytics

Slice and dice your data in any possible way

Need metrics for the last 7 days traffic of Signed-in Users to French articles, from a PC or Laptop, arriving from Google Search?

No problem at all!


Use our rich and flexible filters to slice your data in any way you want.

And much more...

Super easy to install

All you need to do is add a short script snippet in your Help Center theme (instructions included in the app).

Built with privacy in mind

We do NOT store any PII data about your visitors, such as IP address or email address. All data is fully anonymized and encrypted

Works out of the box

No custom setup is needed. After the script is installed, the dashboard is available right away.

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Grace Barlow

Content and Communications Manager


The analytics that Swifteq provides is able to gather the overall helpfulness of your Help Centre, down to each article individually. You can see the customer journey including the steps they’ve taken before and after viewing the article and much more!! This tool has completely changed the way we use our Help Centre and how we look into our self-service tools! Could recommend this more!!

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The analytics app built for knowledge content creators.

FREE  14-day trial, then starts at €49/month

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