Automatically remove unwanted attachments from Zendesk tickets

No need to manually redact attachments from tickets anymore! You can put this workflow on auto-pilot and remove the attachments automatically using your own custom logic.

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remove tickets with attachments in zendesk

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Redact tickets automatically and remove their attachments

Runs in the background and does all the repetitive heavy lifting on your team's behalf.

Allows you to stay compliant with GDPR by removing any attachments with sensitive information.

Remove attachments from tickets with any status: new, open, solved or closed.

Custom criteria for removal

Works in tandem with Zendesk Triggers and Automations alowing you to set up any filters on the tickets to be checked for attachments. 

How it works?





Authorize the app to securily access your Zendesk account via the API. For more information see How we handle Data in our Zendesk Apps.

NO employee or customer data will be stored on Swifteq servers

Configure the merging criteria and filters.

Enable auto-merging. This will automatically create a trigger & webhook pair in your Zendesk instance. 

The trigger will forward any new ticket to the app to be checked for duplicates and merged if necessary.

Integrates seamlessly with 
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The auto-remove attachments app that helps your agents focus on what's important.