An easy way to manage your Zendesk Help Center

Simple CSV export of article links, meta-data and broken links.
Continuous monitoring of broken links & images.

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Get your Help Center offline with easy         export


Export all your articles and any meta-data: title, section, link, labels, updated time.

Export all references to internal and external docs.

Detect and export broken links and images for each article.

Keep your Help Center clean of broken        links


Continously monitor your help center for broken links and images.

Get instant email notification when any broken links or images are detected.

How does it work?

Step 1: 👆 Register for early access

Step 2: Get your invite email & signup for an account

Step 3: Authorize the app to read your Zendesk Guide data


The app connects securely to your Help Center via Zendesk's API.

ONLY the Help Center articles and their content are accessed and saved temporarily.

ALL your data is removed automatically after the export is generated

Step 4: Receive your FREE CSV export in your Inbox: 

  • All the articles in your help center and their content

  • List of broken links and images for each article

Integrates seamlessly with 

The knowledge-management app that keeps your help center tidy.