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Introducing Tasks: Streamline your Help Center Workflows

In our continuous effort to enhance your experience and efficiency in managing the help center content, we're thrilled to introduce the Tasks feature, a powerful tool designed to improve how you assign and track help center work within your team.

Check out the Using the Tasks Feature help article for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use Tasks.

What is the "Tasks" Feature?

Within the Help Center Manager app, the Tasks feature allows you to assign and monitor article-related tasks to team members, ensuring that everyone is aligned and productive. Whether it's related to an article or a link, Tasks makes it easy to manage your team's workload in one centralized location.

Organize with Task Lists

With Task Lists, keeping your assignments organized has never been easier. These lists allow you to view tasks by selecting the desired list from the Tasks pane or directly from the Article View and Link Pane for specific tasks related to articles or links. This organization ensures that no task goes unnoticed and helps prioritize your team's work efficiently.

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Adding Tasks Made Simple

You can add tasks in various ways:

  • Manually for an article by searching within a Task List or directly from the Article View.

  • Automatically for broken links detected during a sync.

  • Manually for a link through the Link Pane.

This flexibility ensures that tasks can be tailored to specific needs and situations, enhancing the overall workflow.

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Task Management at Its Best

Task Lists come with initial setups like Default, Broken Links, All Tasks, Assigned to Me, and Completed. While system lists offer a foundation, you can customize by adding your own lists, renaming, or deleting as needed (with caution).

Managing tasks involves marking them as complete, reopening, or deleting them based on the task's status and requirements. This level of management helps in maintaining a clear overview of ongoing and completed tasks.

How Will "Tasks" Change Your Workflow?

The introduction of Tasks is set to bring a significant shift in how teamwork and productivity are approached within the Help Center Manager. By ensuring tasks are clearly assigned, organized, and trackable, teams can work more efficiently and reduce the time spent on coordination.

For Team Leaders and Managers

  • Assign and track tasks effortlessly, ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities.

  • Monitor progress on articles and links, making it easier to manage deadlines and priorities.

For Team Members

  • Easily access and prioritize work, knowing exactly what needs to be done and when.

  • Collaborate effectively, with a clear view of all tasks and their statuses.

Embrace Efficiency

The Tasks feature is more than just a tool; it's a new way of working that promotes transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. By integrating this feature into your daily routine, you're not just completing tasks; you're enhancing your team's ability to produce quality work consistently.

We invite you to explore the Tasks feature and see first hand how it can transform your workflow. Embrace the change, streamline your processes, and take your team's productivity to the next level.


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