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Spend 5x less time searching and writing answers in Zendesk

One place for Customer Support Teams to find and reuse answers buried in historical support tickets and help center articles.

Fully integrated into your team's workflow.

UI Swifteq
UI Swifteq

Approved by Zendesk on Apps Marketplace

Faster resolution of simple tickets

Create both, a personal and team library of templates from past answers and insert them into an existing response.

Use article snippets, not just links, when responding to common customer issues.

Search and templates integrated into one workflow.

UI Swifteq
Zendesk search example

Quicker troubleshooting of complex tickets

Most problems have occured before.


Find solutions to an existing ticket by looking at how others (or you) have resolved a similar problem in the past.

Blazing fast Zendesk search that works.

Faster and better onboarding

Onboard new team members in days instead of weeks with easy access to previously used answers.

New agents can quickly find and learn how other team members previously resolved simple or complex issues.

UI Swifteq
UI Swifteq

Bring the documentation into your team's workflow

Find direct answers, not just links to helpdesk articles.


Insert links to both articles and sections within articles.

No need to create a macro for every article in your help center. Team members can find and insert snippets of answers with article links from tickets history.

Flexible and Transparent Data Controls

We are 100% blunt on what Zendesk data we handle, and you are in the driving seat.

We give you full control on what data from your Zendesk account you allow us to read and store.

For more details see our Data Processing Policy

UI Swifteq

Top-Grade Security

We only use AWS infrastructure that meets the highest security standards.

All of our servers are within our own virtual private cloud, isolated from the outside world, preventing any unauthorized requests.

All the data is encrypted both at rest and in motion.

Integrates seamlessly with your Zendesk helpdesk

zendesk support

The search app that brings you all the answers at your fingertips.

FREE  14-day trial, then €30/month

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