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The easiest way to manage your Zendesk Help Center content

✅  Export articles and their content.

✅  Fix broken links and images.

✅  Find and replace across articles.

✅  Bulk operations (copy articles, reset votes)

✅  Automatically translate articles to any language

✅  Measure performance with Analytics.

FREE  14-day trial, no credit card required. Starts at €89/month


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Audit and organize your Help Center content

View your articles in an Excel-like table automatically synced to your Zendesk account.

Quickly find articles with filters and full-text content search. 

Export all or a subset of articles to CSV or Word

Audit a Zendesk help center
Find and replace for Zendesk help centers

Find and Replace in Text or HTML

Replace outdated terminology in articles' text.

Replace in articles' HTML code: links, CSS classes and style properties.

Find and replace across the entire help center, or just a subset of articles, only takes a few clicks.

FREE  14-day trial, then starts at €89/month

Bulk operations, no coding needed: duplicate article, reset votes

Create duplicates of articles, categories, sections or entire help centers.

Deep copy of each article, including all translations, attachments and images.

Reset the "Did you find this helpful?" rating for individual or many articles

Duplicate Zendesk help center articles
Fix broken links in Zendesk

Get rid of those broken links

Links are automatically synced from your Zendesk help center and tested for validity.

Quickly identify broken links. Replace a link across all articles in just few clicks. No need to open and change articles one by one.

View all the links, internal and external, and the articles where they are referenced.

Search by link url or title.

One place to view and manage the media files in your Help Center

Images and videos are automatically extracted and synced from your Zendesk Help Center.

Search any image or video by file name or alt text. Find which articles are including an image or video.

Quickly find and fix broken or outdated images.

Zendesk media library
Export help center articles from Zendesk

Export help center articles to CSV, HTML, Word or PDF

Audit your articles in Excel with the CSV export.

Create a help center manual with the HTML, Word or PDF export.

Export in formatted text (images included) with the HTML, Word or PDF export.

Use Google Docs to collaborate with teammates or subject experts with the Word document export.

Task Management for Help Centers

It takes a team to build and manage a large help center.


Break down your help center work into smaller pieces and assign it to your team members.

Keep track of work and stay on top of your help center improvement projects.

Task management for Help Centers

Automatically Translate your Zendesk Guide Articles

Leverage advanced machine translation technology (powered by OpenAI GPT4) to save time and reduce costs, converting your help center articles into multiple languages efficiently.

Ensure your unique
formatting remains consistent across translations. Our system respects the original HTML, keeping your design and images intact in every language.

Customise the ChatGPT prompt to make sure your translations align perfectly with your brand's style, language, and any special terms you may use.

Translate Help Center articles in Zendesk

Measure your Zendesk Help Center performance with Analytics

Track the Helpfulness of each article, section or category as % of Up votes. Collect feedback on articles.

Measure the Self-Service Score, as the number of visitors for each ticket created.

Trend the important metrics for your articles, sections and categories: views, visitors and helpfulness.

Slice and dice your metrics in many ways: time period, internal vs external traffic, device type (PC. Mobile, Tablet), public vs private articles.

Help Center Analytics for Zendesk
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Shana Blackstone

Knowledge Manager


"With the Help Center Manager you can replace links in multiple articles with just one click! Not to mention you can find and replace across multiple articles. Love this."

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Karissa Van Baulen

Customer Education Lead


"Swifteq is great to work with! We were able to update UI terms within our help center way quicker than we have done previously with the Find & Replace."

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Paul Tingle

Global Support Manager


"Fantastic, and fantastically, useful tool, simple to use and with some great features."

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The help center app built for knowledge content creators.

FREE  14-day trial, then starts at €89/month

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