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Ticket Automation in Zendesk with ChatGPT

Eliminate repetitive and mundane support ticket tasks so your agents can focus on what matters: providing the best customer experience.

FREE  14-day trial, no credit card required.
Pricing starts at €50/month.

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UI Swifteq

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Unlock ChatGPT Use Cases in Zendesk Support

Extract: utilize the power of ChatGPT to intelligently pull information from your tickets and store it in a ticket field

Categorize: Automate the process of tagging your support tickets with contact reasons and detecting customer emotions for personalized interactions.

Translate: Overcome language barriers with automatic translation of ticket content

Auto-Resolve Thank You Messages: Detect thank you only message from customers and close them

And Much, Much More: Discover an array of opportunities to streamline your ticket workflows with ChatGPT

UI Swifteq
UI Swifteq

Automatic Ticket Routing with ChatGPT

Optimize your workflow with intelligent ticket distribution:

  • Categorize Tickets: Utilize ChatGPT to categorize the tickets, pinpointing the exact contact reasons and understanding customer emotions.

  • Route with Precision: Use Zendesk triggers to direct tickets to the relevant teams or agents based on ChatGPT-generated tags.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Ensure that each ticket reaches the right hands quickly, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Auto-Translate Tickets with ChatGPT

Make support truly global with effortless communication:


  • Multi-Language Support: Translate tickets instantly between various languages.

  • Universal Customer Reach: Engage with customers all around the world without any language constraints.

  • Seamless Integration: Just a few clicks to connect, and you're ready to support clients in their native language.

UI Swifteq
UI Swifteq

Power Up with Predefined and Custom ChatGPT Prompts

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in your support system:

Predefined Prompts: Use our crafted prompts designed for common support scenarios.

Custom Prompts: Need something specific? Create your own prompts to fine-tune the AI’s responses, ensuring they align with your company's voice and specific needs.

Whether for auto-responses or intricate problem-solving, adapt the prompts to your operations.

Auto-Parse Zendesk Tickets and Populate Fields with Precision

Transform raw ticket comments into actionable data:

  • Extract Key Values: Automatically identify and extract essential information from ticket comments.

  • Populate Fields with Ease: Feed the extracted values into ticket fields, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Adaptable Parsing: Tailor the parsing to your specific needs for even more precise data handling.

UI Swifteq
UI Swifteq
auto-detect thank you message in zendesk

Auto-Resolve Thank You only Messages in Zendesk

Automatically detect when a previously solved ticket is reopened by a "thank you" message without any additional information.

Tag and resolve the re-opened ticket before it gets assigned to a new agent.

Reduce backlog burden and focus on what's important!

Cut ticket handling times and optimize your team's workflows

Runs in the background and does all the repetitive heavy lifting on your team's behalf.

Eliminates manual tasks and saves you precious resources.

Empowers your team to handle tickets more quickly and efficiently.

No-code setup, go live in 5 minutes

With an easy-to-use interface, you can go live with automated workflows in under 5 minutes.

Works in tandem with Zendesk Triggers allowing you to customize the data flows for each workflow.

Enable the ChatGPT automation on your Zendesk account, and watch your support process transform





How it works?

Install the app and register for a Swifteq account

Authorize the app to securily access your Zendesk account via the API. For more information see How we handle Data in our Zendesk Apps.

NO employee or customer data will be stored on Swifteq servers

Create and configure your ChatGPT workflows to categorize, translate, parse, or do anything else with tickets. A user-friendly interface will guide you through

Integrates seamlessly with 

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The ChatGPT integration app that automates ticket handling, empowering your support team to prioritize customer engagement

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