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8 Zendesk Chrome Extensions to Boost your Productivity in 2023


The Zendesk Chrome extension is a small piece of software that extends Zendesk with some new functionality. These extensions are written in JavaScript and run in the browser, so they do not need to be installed on your computer. Even though productivity Chrome extensions only change a few small parts of your workflow, they add up to quite a big change as a whole.

Productivity Chrome extensions are not just useful for individuals, they are also great tools for teams. So, in this article, we are going to explore Zendesk Chrome extensions. We will look at what exactly is a Zendesk Chrome Extension, why you should consider downloading a Zendesk Chrome Extension as well as eight super Zendesk Chrome extensions to boost your productivity in 2023. Let’s get right into it.

What is a Zendesk Chrome Extension?

A Chrome extension is a small program that can change the way you use your browser. It can add new features, remove annoying ads, or even change the way your browser looks.

Chrome extensions can be useful if you want to use a browser for more than just browsing the web. They're like apps that run in your Chrome browser, but they don't need to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

The Chrome Web Store is the place to go if you want to find a new extension. It's full of free and paid extensions, with new ones being added every day. You can search for an extension by keyword or browse for popular ones in the featured section.

Why Download a Zendesk Chrome Extension?

Downloading a Zendesk Chrome extension is a good idea if you or your team are hoping to get the most out of your browser. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider downloading Zendesk Chrome extension.

Save Time

Chrome extensions are a quick way to automate tasks and save time. There are some useful extensions built for Zendesk that help you do this.

Improve your Workflow

Some of these extensions will make life easier by simplifying certain processes or giving you more control over your data and how you perform certain tasks.

Increase Efficiency

You can use these Chrome extensions to streamline your organization, which will make it easier for everyone else in the team too!

Boost Productivity

If you’re able to get things done faster, you become more productive by being able to fit more into your day, it’s a win-win!

So, now that we have an understanding of what a Zendesk Chrome extension is and how it can be beneficial, let’s look at eight of the best extensions you should add to your browser to increase productivity.

1. Quicktab for Zendesk by Tymeshift

Quicktab is a great way to open any direct link to a Zendesk ticket in the already open Zendesk tab. This saves time as you don’t have to open a new tab each time, not to mention it avoids having an overly cluttered browser.

Quicktab is one of those features that you really don't notice until you use it and then can't live without, and it’s free to install. If your team spends any amount of time in Zendesk, we highly recommend you check out Quicktab for Zendesk by Tymeshift!

2. Zest - The Zendesk Colour Coder

Zest is a Chrome extension by NevinGeorge that allows you to code in style. With this tool, you can pick colors for your Zendesk tickets and comments.

With Zest, organizing your tickets has never been easier. By color-coding your tickets, you can stay on top of your tasks. The extension also allows you to set high and low-priority tickets by any field/category specific to your work processes.

This extension is free for users, so if you want to increase your productivity on a budget, this could be a great starting point.

3. Notify-Me for Zendesk

Notify-Me for Zendesk is one of the best extensions you can use to boost your productivity with Zendesk. It allows you to be notified when you receive new tickets in real-time. You have a choice of how to view it, depending on what works best for you. You will also hear a sound alert, as well as a Chrome popup, so there is less chance of you missing important tickets.

Another benefit of this extension is when you click on the ticket in the extension, instead of opening a new tab, the extension opens the Zendesk ticket in the already open Zendesk tab!

You can test out Notify-Me for Zendesk by Papaya Apps for free for 30 days, and if you love it, you can get full access for $5 per month.

4. Zendesk Download Router

Download Router by GitLab Inc is a free-to-install Chrome extension that helps you to stay organized by directing any downloads from Zendesk (i.e. attachment files) to separate folders based on ticket ID, ticket title or ticket name.

Not only can you boost your productivity with this extension by staying super organized, but you can also speed up downloads by downloading all attachments at once in the current ticket. This can be done by the ticket dropdown or a simple keyboard shortcut. If you need to download all attachments at once for each ticket comment, Zendesk Download Router enables you to do just that!

5. Jira & Zendesk Ticket Opener

The Jira & Zendesk Ticket Opener Chrome extension by rodjsta allows you to open tickets from either product with just a click. It works by adding an “Open in Jira'' or “Open in Zendesk'' button to the context menu for each ticket.

If you want to open tickets from Jira into Zendesk, simply select the ticket and hit the “Open in Zendesk” button. If you'd rather do the opposite (open tickets from Zendesk into Jira), just hit “Open In Jira” instead of “Open In Zendesk."

This extension is great for anyone who is constantly switching tabs. Now, you can easily save time by quickly jumping around from task to task with this free-to-install extension.

6. Zendesk Dark Mode

Night owls will love this extension! Zendesk Dark Mode is a Chrome extension that allows you to work in dark mode. The extension is available for free and allows you to work with Zendesk with a dark theme. This helps your eyes by inverting bright colors into high-contrast ones.

The good news? You can use Zendesk Dark Mode for free for as long as you like.

7. Briskine: Email templates for Gmail

Briskine is a Gmail extension that lets you create email templates and send them out with one click. This extension also works with Linkedin, Facebook and of course, Zendesk. It's an easy way to save time when sending emails, as well as a good way to standardize your responses for certain types of messages. If you find yourself writing the same type of response over and over again, just create a template in Briskine.

Let's say, for example, that you work at an accounting firm and frequently receive questions from clients about their 1099 forms (a tax form). You could create a standard response for these inquiries—and then use Briskine to make it even easier by sending those responses automatically whenever someone sends you an email with "1099" in the subject line or body text.

The extension is free to use on a basic plan, which includes one seat and 30 templates. If you want to upgrade, it will cost $7 per month, per person for unlimited seats, unlimited templates and team shared templates.

8. Lessonly For Chrome

Lessonly by Seismic is a Chrome extension that makes finding important, internal information easier and faster. Many workers find themselves using valuable time searching for information instead of focusing on priorities such as sales and support.

With Lessonly, you are taken to the integral information you need, eliminating the need for additional and inefficient browsing.

You will need a Lessonly account to use the extension and you can try it for free for 15 days. After you’ve tested it out, you can contact the Lessonly team for a demo of the product if you would like to invest in it long-term.

There you have it, eight helpful Zendesk Chrome extensions to boost your productivity in 2023! Some of these might work better for your needs than others, but seeing as most of these are free, or at least come with a free trial, why not see which ones you get the most from!?

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