Don't waste time copying & pasting ticket fields in Zendesk

Auto-populate ticket fields with relevant customer data from JSON APIs or SQL databases

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Let your agents focus on solving problems, not filling in ticket fields

Auto-fill ticket or user fields that are relevant to a ticket.


Multi-step API & DB lookups: lookup customer email to get the user id -> lookup user id to get relevant customer data

Connect securely to any REST API (HTTPS) & SQL database.

All HTTP authorization methods supported  for APIs (Username & Password, API key, Bearer, Headers).

Enrich your Explore reporting with customer data

Augment your tickets data with customer-centric dimensions.

Segment your Explore reports by:

👉 Customer Lifetime Value

👉 Monthly Customer Revenue

👉 Customer Price Plan

... and more

Integrates seamlessly with 
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The auto-fill app that helps your agents focus on what's important.