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Sync your customer or product data to Zendesk

Auto-sync all of your customer or product data into Zendesk in order to save time while working on tickets or automatically prioritize customer conversations. 

Reverse ETL
for Zendesk


Approved by Zendesk on Apps Marketplace

Route & prioritize tickets

  • Use customer or product data points outside Zendesk to route incoming tickets

  • Auto-populate custom fields from CRM or internal data warehouse

  • Use Zendesk triggers to effectively allocate tickets to teams and priorities

Enrich your Explore reporting with customer data

Augment your tickets data with customer-centric dimensions.

Segment your Explore reports by:

👉 Customer Lifetime Value

👉 Monthly Customer Revenue

👉 Customer Price Plan

👉 Feature Usage

... and more

Improve agents productivity by displaying the right data next to tickets

  • Help agents make quick and informed decisions when helping customers

  • No need to open multiple browser tabs, or copy-paste data from one tab to another

  • Bring relevant customer data to your agents' fingertips

How it works?

Lookup customer or product records in CRM APIs or data warehouses.

Auto-fill ticket custom fields with customer or product data based on a lookup field (i.e. requester email)

Uses powerful Zendesk triggers to keep your data synced.

Connects securely to REST APIs & SQL databases.

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and more...

Integrates seamlessly with 
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The auto-fill app that helps your agents focus on what's important.

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