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7 Zendesk Apps to Automate and Optimize your eCommerce Support Workflows

ecommerce support automation

Are you utilizing Zendesk apps to aid your customer service team to automate and improve Support workflows? As busy periods approach, now is the optimal time to discover which apps will work best for your organization.

So, if you are planning on getting your workflows in order as we begin to come up to busy periods in the customer service world, look no further. We have got 7 Zendesk apps which will aid in making your job easier this upcoming busy holiday season.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is the leading provider of customer service software. It's used by thousands of companies to help them grow and optimize their business. The platform allows you to manage all aspects of your customer service in one place and even provides features like analytics, ticket management, and self-service portals.

Zendesk has a powerful API that can be used to integrate with other services and offers an Extension Marketplace where you can find third-party integrations for your business. It’s a great way to automate your eCommerce operations using third-party apps and services and can be really beneficial in reducing your workload during busy periods.

1. Merge Duplicate Tickets

Merge Duplicate Tickets is a must-have app for any team that receives a large number of duplicate contacts from customers.

merge tickets in zendesk
Configure the auto-merge criteria in the Merge Duplicate Tickets app

For example, if you find yourself dealing with multiple tickets from the same customer, about the same issue, you know how frustrating and time-consuming this can be. In fact, duplicate tickets can represent up to 10-15% of your backlog of tickets.

This puts an additional burden on your support team as they need to merge these tickets manually in Zendesk or reply to each one of them individually. But, with the Merge Duplicate Tickets app, you can put the ticket merging workload on auto-pilot and reduce your backlog with no extra effort from your team.

In a nutshell, Merge Duplicate Tickets will help your customer service team to do the following:

  • Automatically merge tickets from the same requester

  • Customize what is considered a duplicate contact to match your own criteria

  • Set up filters to exclude certain tickets from merging

  • The option to reduce your current backlog by merging all the existing duplicates, not just new tickets

In terms of pricing, you have an option to try the app out for 14 days for free to figure out if it meets your needs. After your two-week trial, pricing starts at €50 per month.

Merge Duplicate Tickets will make your agents' life significantly easier and allow your organization to focus time on what matters, making workflows more optimized, and your team more productive overall.

2. FlowEQ

UX swifteq

FlowEQ is a powerful tool for automating your eCommerce business. Often, workflows will require human judgment, like showing expertise in an area or showing empathy for customers at particular times. Although applying emotions to customer support situations is very important, utilizing a way to make this process more efficient will really stand to your ticket resolution time and overall customer satisfaction. So, enter FlowEQ.

FlowEQ allows your customer service team to accelerate recurring workflows by accessing the Smart Flow Builder. This powerful feature enables your team to easily build interactive decision trees for every type of ticket. It also comes with pre-integrated connections which means your agents can work from their Zendesk screens with automations running in the background from other business applications.

For example, time-consuming tasks such as troubleshooting, returns, customer order inquiries, subscription changes, and product quality tracking can be completed up to 10 times faster with FlowEQ. If you’re concerned about the hassle of your agents needing to learn a new system, well, they don’t have to. Seeing as FlowEQ is embedded within Zendesk, no new skills are required to take advantage of the app’s handy features.

The app is free to install but does require a plan for usage. FlowEQ gives organizations a couple of options when it comes to pricing plans;

  • Started edition: $34 per month for up to 5 users

  • Team edition: $64 per month for up to 40 users

  • Enterprise edition: you can request pricing directly for unlimited users

3. Workato

UX swifteq

Workato is an eCommerce workflow automation platform that allows you to connect, automate and orchestrate your business processes. It provides tools for automation and workflow management that help businesses move faster in today’s competitive environment.

The app integrates with Zendesk, Shopify, Magento, and more, meaning it is super flexible and will work well for any organization’s unique needs. The app works by integrating and automating the interactions between Zendesk and your other customer and employee-facing apps. Tickets can also all be resolved in one place and the app integrates with other ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow too.

So, if you are looking for a way to shorten your ticket resolution time to lead to better customer relations, Workato is a great option. It can even be used to successfully onboard and offboard employees, as well as integrate product data to prevent churn, so it’s a total all-rounder for your eCommerce workflows

With Workato, you simply just pay for what you use. You can pick and choose from unlimited features, and create a “recipe” that best suits your company’s needs. This pricing model is favored by many as it means that everything you choose to pay for is being used, giving you the most for your investment.

4. Voucher Code

UX swifteq

We all know how much customers love and appreciate vouchers and coupons, so enabling your agents to easily attach them from tickets will be a game-changer. This is exactly what Voucher Code is all about.

With this app, your customer support team can select a voucher category and insert the voucher code into a comment, straight to the customer. This not only saves your agents time but also improves customer satisfaction and allows for optimized and automated workflows that aid your team in being more efficient.

Voucher Code is currently priced at $99.00 per month after a 7-day free trial.

5. ChannelReply

UX swifteq

ChannelReply lets you respond to customers in your preferred eCommerce channel. You can respond to messages and even schedule responses for later if you don't have time right away.

This app is particularly useful if you're trying to communicate with multiple customers across different platforms. ChannelReply lets you respond to customers on Amazon, eBay, Back Market, Shopify and Walmart all from one place, so you can say “hello” to organized, hassle-free customer queries.

It also allows for real-time conversations over multiple channels simultaneously—so if one customer needs help with an issue, but another wants something else, there's no need for switching back and forth between different apps; just use ChannelReply.

This app is also a great way to empower your team by enabling them to assign agents to particular questions, set priority levels, and create bespoke workflows that enhance your business's processes.

With ChannelReply, you can opt for a yearly or monthly plan depending on your needs and budget. Annual plans begin at $31 and go up to $159, while monthly plans are a little more expensive and are between $39 and $199. If your company receives more than 10,000 messages per month, you can contact ChannelReply directly for special pricing.

6. Shopify for Zendesk

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Shopify for Zendesk is a great tool that lets you integrate your Shopify store with Zendesk. The app lets you create tickets, manage orders and create notifications. You can also use the app to automate workflows for better customer service, such as processing orders, refunds and cancellations. This powerful tool allows your team to get down to the tasks that really matter, instead of spending time clicking in and out of multiple platforms.

You can easily connect your store with Shopify for Zendesk by following these steps:

  • Make sure your Shopify account has been verified and activated

  • Enable the app in Shopify

  • Add users who will be using this app

Once your Shopify is connected, you can work on improving customer satisfaction by solving issues faster and enabling live chats to increase connectivity with your audience.

The app is free to use in Zendesk, but you will need a Shopify paid subscription. Shopify Basic starts at $29 per month and goes up to $299 per month for the Advanced plan. However, companies can avail of a 50% discount if they opt for the annual option, so there is something to suit most budgets.

7. Reminders

The Reminders app does exactly what it sounds like it might do - sends reminders. Your agents will never miss a beat when they can set reminders for virtually any task they like.

UX swifteq

Here is a brief overview of how your agents’ workflows can be optimized with Reminders;

  • Set reminders on tickets

  • Add other agents to reminders

  • Create and tick off a checklist of reminders

  • Stay organized by managing Upcoming, Recent and Completed tasks

  • Get notified by email when a reminder comes in

You’ll also be glad to hear that this app is quite affordable at just $3 per agent, per month, and you even get to try it for free for the first seven days.

With the right tools, eCommerce support teams can automate and optimize their workflows easily, and doing it now before the busy periods' peak is the smart move. This will allow you to have more time to dive into the nitty-gritty details that will improve customer experience and make your business thrive.

If you need help with increasing agent productivity or process automation, Swifteq is here to help. Contact us today and let’s get your Customer Service workflows ready for the peak season.


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