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A data-driven 😎 way to build and grow your Help Center

Collect and analyze Help Center visitors data into one place.
Measure how helpful your content is to customers and how to improve it.

FREE  14-day trial, then €20/month (unlimited users & brands)

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How helpful 🤗 are your knowledge articles 

All the metrics you need to understand how engaging and successful an article is in helping customers.

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Track customer journey ⛵

from search to contact

Understand the entire customers' journey as they navigate through the knowledge base. Find out where customers get stuck and improve their journey.

Are customers finding 🧐 what they’re looking for?

Discover unanswered customer questions and create content to address them. Customers can use different terms to search for the same thing. View metrics per search meaning, not strings.


How healthy 💪 is your help center?

Measure and track important help center metrics. Spot trends quickly after each content change.

👉 Self-service score

👉 Average time spent

👉 Total views and unique visitors

👉 Ratio of Number of searches vs New tickets

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools
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The knowledge-centered reporting app that measures how helpful your content is to customers and guides you how to improve it.

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