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Agent Assist Apps for Productive Customer Support Teams

We help customer support teams work smarter while keeping the customer experience at the centre of everything they do. We build tailored apps that extend the capabilities of your helpdesk and consolidate everything that your team needs to help customers: 360 views, third party data, one-click actions, automation of processes, and more.

Think of us as the software engineering branch of your customer support organization.

Customer Service Support Assistance Serv


We are proud of our team's expertise and experience

Agent Productivity

Your team is facing constant pressure to do more with less. Improving the workflow the agents use to resolve customer issues will increase productivity, boost agents satisfaction and customers experience.

We use design thinking to do a complete assessment of your agents’ workflow and build solutions that address their needs.

Helpdesk Apps & APIs

With a custom helpdesk app, you can take agent actions that require switching between multiple tabs and 10-20 clicks or steps, and turn them into a one-click action. 

​We have experience in building workspace apps and API integrations for tens of SaaS Helpdesks and CRM platforms: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Livechat and more.

Process Automation

We believe in customer-centric automation:  helping the customer in the most quick and efficient way possible by adding special value to the customer experience.

We use the latest generation of AI technology and services to build automation solutions tailored to your teams’ needs.


We build custom apps for most popular helpdesk and livechat platforms
Customer Service Support Assistance Serv


Swifteq is a software engineering and AI consulting company for customer service teams. We are in this industry, because of our passion for technology and belief that any customer support interaction represents a huge opportunity for a business to shape the customer journey. Insights and automation enabled by Artificial Intelligence should be used to remove friction from this journey and provide a better and faster service.

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