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Agent Helper for Zendesk Support

Help your customer service agents work faster and smarter with the Three-In-One Agent Assist app*

➤  Sentence Auto-Complete **

➤  Reply & Macro Suggestions

➤  Knowledge Assist

* Approved and Available on Zendesk's App Store

** Sentence auto-complete requires a Chrome extension

autocomplete 2.gif

$10/agent/month after

AI-powered Sentence Auto-Complete

Reduce repetitive typing while keeping a consistent tone, matching your brand style.

Boost agents productivity and reduce average handling times.

Works whether your team is using macros or not.

* Approved and Available on Zendesk's App Store

Reply, article and escalation suggestions

Reply suggestions: contextually suggest relevant macros and replies to a given customer message. 


No macros? No problem! Agent Helper goes far beyond macros by picking up patterns in how your agents responded in the past and constructing relevant reply suggestions.

Instant macro apply: one-click apply of a suggested macro or reply, no copy and paste needed

Articles suggestions: view list of articles that helped similar queries in the past

Escalations: view JIRA issues related to the current ticket

suggestions small.gif

* Approved and Available on Zendesk's App Store

The Three-in-One approved Zendesk app that helps support pros resolve customer issues faster and better

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